Shattered World SW-003 The Slackers - International War Criminal LP

Posted on December 12, 2013


Check it out...the Slackers' International War Criminal EP, originally just released as a CD on Thought Squad, is now available on vinyl with tons of exclusive bonus tracks! 50 copies of this one were pressed as exclusive black vinyl Shattered World copies, all stamped and hand-numbered. Hurry! Buy eet!!!

Shattered World SW-002 Stubborn Allstars - Back with a New Batch LP Available

Posted on December 12, 2013


Shattered World number 2 is ready for you. There are 50 copies of the first ever vinyl release of the Stubborn Allstars' Back with a New Batch album that were exclusive black vinyl Shattered World copies, all stamped and hand-numbered, just like those now sold-out Pietasters records. Don't miss your chance to get yourself a copy

The Pietasters - Oolooloo LP Now Available!

Posted on July 8, 2012


The first Shattered World record is up for sale! The vinyl release of the Pietasters' Oolooloo was spearheaded by Asbestos Records and Underground Communique as part of their 3rd Wave Ska Preservation Society effort. Well, Shattered World got in on it too, dammit! There were 197 pressed on blue vinyl and 292 on black vinyl. Of the 292 black copies, 50 comprise the Shattered World Edition of the record. These copies are all stamped and hand-numbered. Buy it now! It is already sold out on the Asbestos site, so hurry up and get your copy here.

300+ Used and Rare Items Added to the Store

Posted on July 8, 2012

Nothing like getting started with a bang, right? Well, the Shattered World Store is LOADED with used and rare vinyl. On top of that, we are celebrating our big launch with auctions of some particularly rare items. Check out all of these Shattered World Auctions!

Launch Time!

Posted on June 24, 2012

Welcome to the grand launch of Shattered World Music! This label is an outgrowth of the vinyl collectors' discography site, Pette Discographies. It has been languishing as a concept for a long time, and it is finally time to make it a reality. We hope to build this label in the mold of the great DC DIY indie labels. 

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